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About Gary Fenske

"The world can exist without art; but would the human spirit survive?" - Gary Fenske


Gary Fenske in Hawaii

Gary Fenske is internationally accepted as the founder of the art movement known as the invisible arts. For the past 40 years, his sole quest has been the preservation of fluorescing luminous art, within the discipline of fine art, and to reveal its great contribution to society.

Fenske's international appeal started in the 1980's when he introduced the invisible arts through Center Art Galleries in Hawaii. In the 1990's, a gallery dedicated to "Night Visions", a trademark for his luminous art, opened in Nagoya, Japan. Soon after, a second opened in the Tokyo Ginza district.

Example of Invisible Art from Gary Fenske

Through the years, his work has traveled throughout the world, having art exhibitions in Monaco, China, Japan, Australia and the United States. He is noted as the first American artist to exhibit his work at the Nagoya Shogun Castle. His luminous art has graced walls of the estate of a prince in Saudi Arabia and shown in the Parliament Building for the Speaker of the House in Victoria, Canada. They are among the treasured pieces collected by the former King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton, the president of the United States.

“Invisible Art” is a complex blending of multiple images, as seen in different lighting, that together form a single work of art that appears to glow from within. By natural lighting, a beautiful, traditional painting or print is what you see. When that same composition is viewed by black light, additional images and details that had previously been “invisible” suddenly appear with a crispness, clarity, and glow that appears to be internally illuminated.

Secret World of Invisible Art book

The book "The Secret World of Invisible Art" chronicles his life and challenges. The book beautifully illustrates his legacy and records the many ways fluorescing art has influenced art history. In Japan, because of the calming effect of his work, it is known as ‘Art Therapy’ and is regularly taken to hospitals to comfort the sick. In the book, Fenske discloses the following experience:

“One man, who was referred to as “voiceless”, because he had not spoken one word for over a year since the time of a trauma, was shown my work. No one knew why or how to treat his condition. When shown my “Night Visions” paintings, he was so overcome that, as it was described to me, he “wept floods of tears and felt comforted.” He cried and spoke …. “It is good to be alive!" How does one respond? “ ("The Secret World of Invisible Art" pg.61)

"The Secret World of Invisible Art" is available for purchase on Gary Fenske's official website.

Fenske’s revolutionary accomplishments gave him global recognition but also introduced the world to a new, emotionally charged, comforting, form of art. In an era where new art forms are rare, Fenske has been placed alongside our great masters of art.

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