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Donna Weil

Donna was born in Washington D.C. After WWll, her family moved back to Southern California. She lived in the San Fernando Valley, attended North Hollywood High (proud member of the Pert Jills), Los Angeles Valley College, and after moving to Del Mar, attended the Interior Design Guild of San Diego. Donna has three fabulous children, four spectacular grandchildren, a beautiful home in the mountains that she shares with her very talented roommate and a flock of animals. Donna’s art career began in the 1st grade when her teacher and the principal of Fair Ave. School called her parents to discuss the possibility of her receiving professional training. Lucky for her, a neighbor, James Mastropietro, a noted watercolorist, introduced her to a group of artists in the back room of a paint store in Burbank, CA. They set her up with paints and an easel. The rest is history! She was the primary muralist for schools in El Segundo, CA. and Ventura, CA. and her murals are in homes throughout So. California. She is the creator of “Weilones” home portraits, collected world-wide and her new addition “Dakota Millie’s Western Funky” art collection. Donna’s awards include: Pacific Art Association, El Segundo Art Association, Antelope Valley Fair, The Art of the Trashcan (beautification project of Old Town Newhall) and the Santa Clarita Excellence in Art Award 2006, her winning painting on the cover of The City of Santa Clarita Arts Calendar Mar ’07 – Aug ’07. Anyone who has seen her paintings knows her love of the West and vibrant color. This is attributed to her great-grandfather Buffalo Bill Runcorn (who helped settle the Badlands of No. Dakota), AND her childhood neighbor, Nudie, a famous rodeo tailor. Nudie would invite the neighborhood kids over to his shop to meet and visit with the “movie cowboys” and Donna would love to jump into his trash and collect colorful leather to make collages and doll furniture, the true start of her art career. Donna’s art has been in galleries in London, Beverly Hills, Pavo Real in Lake Hughes, Cedar Center in Lancaster, Four Seasons Gallery in Wrightwood, The Lakes and Valleys Art Guild in Lake Hughes, B & R Gallery in Santa Clarita, The Cottage on Walnut, and Crossroads Gallery in Tehachapi.

My Painted Friend

My Painted Friend

  • Description:  “My Painted Friend” is an original, one-of-a-kind painting hand-signed by the well known and respected artist, Donna Weil. This work of art measures 18” x 18” and is gallery framed to the perimeter of the art. This beautifully colored work of art reflects a loving portrait of an elk which seemingly says hello to the viewer. The artist obviously captured the essence of the elk in this brilliantly colored original artwork. The artist is known for her love of the West and the vibrant color she infuses into her artwork. Her early career in the arts was collecting colorful pieces of leather to make collages and doll furniture—which really started her career.
  • Dimensions: 18" x 18".
  • Price: $9,500.00
  • Owner: Elissa Miller
  • Email:
  • Contact Info: EMAIL
  • Call: (707) 333-6923


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