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"The businessman says 'If I don't do it first, somebody else will.' The artist says 'If I don't do it first, nobody else will.'" - leRoy Neiman


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The trend of the future is here. This new and innovative technique, which has been in existence for only the last few years, incorporates the beauty and uniqueness of an original work of art with the efficiency and precision of modern technology. Through the use of some of the world's most advanced machinery and the more traditional method of hand appliqué, the artist is able to produce remarkably intricate, detailed and textural works of art.

Instead of painting with a brush, the artist paints with mod acrylic fibers and yarn. Each individual soft painting is the result of the collaborative effort of leRoy Neiman and a trained staff of professional artists. The artist's palette consists of specially dyed fabrics whose colors are vibrant and translucent. Each is signed by the artist and features his personal, signed Certificate of Authenticity. Art Corporation of America has both original paintings and signed, limited edition prints by leRoy Neiman.

Once Mr. Neiman has chosen the colors that are most appropriate for the existing image, each element is outlined in yarn. Fabrics are cut by hand and arranged layer by layer in a three-dimensional fashion. One image may have as few as 10 pieces of fabric or as many as 40, all in different, overlapping colors. This layering creates a transparency similar to that of watercolor or acrylic washes. In addition to mod acrylic fabric, dyed yarns of various thicknesses and weights of 100% wool are used to create the more intricate lines and stripes, giving the image added definition.

Once a specific area has been completed by this layering process, it is secured with a small hand-held needling machine. leRoy Neiman photo 2 Its 800 needles safely join the swatches together. Because every step of the process is executed by hand, 4-6 weeks are required to complete a single soft painting. The resulting work of art receives the same care an artist might lavish on a favorite canvas.

This unique process involves no weaving or knotting, making it one of today's most exciting and adaptable new media. leRoy Neiman has seized on the rich possibilities of this technique and brought to it the dynamic strengths of his own work— color, movement, and a tangible sense of space. Throughout the process, Mr. Neiman instructs and supervises the creation of each painting. And when necessary, he paints the finishing touches directly onto the fabric, so as to assure complete accuracy.

After an image has been approved and readied in the New York studio, it is finished with the use of 50,000 needles which secure the fabric and yarn to a linen backing. This final step gives the soft painting a smooth textural quality while retaining its brilliant transparent colors and three-dimensionality.

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